Thursday, November 22, 2007

South African Schools, Part II

One of my schools has relatively new classrooms and a computer lab with nine computers. Another lost part of its roof four years ago and they are still waiting for repairs. Class sizes range between 35 and 60 students.

The South African government has introduced sweeping reforms since 1996, aimed at moving the education system towards more outcomes/standards based assessment with a greater emphasis on fostering the critical thinking process. Unfortunetly, these reforms take time and require extensive training for the teachers to learn the new methodology. So it's difficult for all parties involved.

Working at the schools has really helped me reaffirm my convictions regarding pedagogy and good practices. I've had to think about why I believe a certain type of teaching is preferrable. I've also continued to develop my classroom management skills, which were always a little weak during student teaching and have additional dynamics in a different culture.

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Lisa B said...

Ben and Jenny!!
It's Lisa (Jon's gal). How are you two? I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have started my own if you are interested in taking a peek at it:
Anyway, i was wondering how you both are doing in SA and if it is ok that I put a link of your blog onto mine so others can see it. I leave in Feb. for Uganda, so at least we'll be on the same continent! Take care both of you!
lisa B