Monday, July 16, 2007

We're leaving on a jet plane!

It is almost 9p on July 15th and we are almost completely packed. We have had a great (but sad) time saying our "see you in two years." Our families and friends have been so supportive of our decision to join the Peace Corps and we really appreciate it.

We may not be able to update our blog for a while but please keep us in your thoughts.

Here is a picture of Ben and I enjoying a rootbeer float toast:

Update: audio podcast of pouring the root beer float with Jennie and her brother Matt singing in the background.


Jennie and Ben

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Jamie Olson said...

Our hearts are with you. You are truly off on your life changing adventure. We miss you terribly but that is tempered by how happy and excited you are and how happy we are for you. Love, Mom